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New: Attention all GRACE Art Docents (or anyone looking to do something this weekend): Sunday September 15th is the annual GRACE family day from 2pm-5pm at the Greater Reston Arts Center.  Bring your family to celebrate GRACE in its 40th year! Enjoy the new exhibition 40 for 40 and create fun art projects with your children!

GRACE Art Docents (Parent Volunteers)
Needed for the 2013-14 School Year!

For those of you who don't know about it, GRACE Art is a very fun program that brings art enrichment into the classrooms. Parent volunteers are needed to help lead interactive discussions on famous artists, art history and art concepts, followed by a coordinated art project. The information and visuals needed to teach the lessons are provided, along with age-appropriate lesson ideas. The program allows parents to be creative and have fun at school with their children and their classmates. Last year, projects featured the works of Eric Carle, Alexander Calder, Pierre-August Renoir, Mark Rothko and Frank Lloyd Wright. Students looked at visuals and learned about these artists, then did a parent-directed project in the artists' style. Students love GRACE Art days! They really enjoy learning about the artists, they have fun being creative and working on the projects and they get so excited to take their projects home and show them off. No art experience is necessary in order to volunteer!!
What is GRACE ART?
The G.R.A.C.E. (Greater Reston Arts Center) Art in Schools program (we just call it GRACE) is an educational program designed to foster a greater understanding of various art forms and artists. At Wolftrap Elementary GRACE is funded by the PTA and completely run by parent volunteers.  Each month a different artist, style of art or specialized group of artists is featured. A GRACE art class consists of 10-15 minutes of in-class docent led discussion followed by 45-50 minutes of a related art project for the children to do. Parent volunteer docents and helpers meet at the beginning of each month at a Jam Session to see the pictures in the month’s portfolio and learn what the art project is. All supplies are provided for the docents and helpers.

What kind of projects do the children do?

We try to use a variety of media each year and make it fun! For example, when the artist was Michelangelo, the children used oil pastels to draw on cardboard rounds taped to the bottom of their desks. They lay on their backs on the floor and drew to get a feel for the way Michelangelo had to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
  We have made clay projects, paper collages, paint murals and so much more!

Do you have to know about Art to be a parent volunteer?
  No Art experience is necessary to be a docent or helper for GRACE! GRACE provides all the background information, all the project plans and supplies. Anyone with an interest in art can be a part of this program.  Also, this is a great way to be in your child’s class to help out!

Which teachers have GRACE Art?
GRACE art is available to any teacher, K-6
th grade that choose to sign up for it. Grace Art depends on its wonderful parent volunteers to share the GRACE materials with the children. GRACE art will not be available to a class in the absence of a parent volunteer. 

How can I get involved in this fun program?
GRACE art needs volunteers to bring this fun and artful program into every class! Fill out the form below to let us know that you are interested and come to the next jam session listed at the top of the page.

What is the Greater Reston Arts Center?
The Greater Reston Arts Center was founded in 1974 by artists and art lovers as a source of cultural enrichment for the town of Reston. Today it is a dynamic arts center providing Northern Virginia and beyond with many opportunities to experience and explore visual arts.  The Art in Schools program was started in 1976 to supplement and support local children’s art experiences in school.  As well as rotating art exhibits, the Greater Reston Arts Center has many programs for adults, teens and children.  They are located next to Reston Town Center.  Visit their website to learn more and about the wonderful and artful opportunities they have to offer:  http://www.restonarts.org/

2013-2014 Artists
October - Wassily Kandinsky   Russian, Abstract painting
November - Constantin Brancusi   Romanian, Sculpture
January - Grandma Moses   American, Folk Art, Painting
February - Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera    Hispanic, Surrealist and Mural Painting
March - Keith Haring   American, Graphic Art
April - Faith Ringgold   African-American, Textiles

2012-2013 Artists
October - Eric Carle handout
November - Alexander Calder handout
December - No GRACE Art
January - Pierre-Auguste Renoir handout
February - Mark Rothko handout
March - Frank Lloyd Wright handout

2011- 2012 Artists

October: Henri Rousseau handout
November: Cave Paintings in Lascaux, France handout
December: break (no GRACE Art)
January: Edward Hopper handout
February:  Leonardo DaVinci handout
March:  David Hockney handout



GRACE Art Volunteers Needed
GRACE Art is offered to teachers for October, November, January, February, March, and April. The one hour class time consists of 10-15 minutes of docent led discussion followed by 45-50 minutes of work on a related art project.

Monthly “jam sessions” are held for all docents to learn about each artist and each art project. All the artist information and art supplies are provided.

If you are interested in becoming a docent for your child’s class, would like to help out in another way or would like more information, please fill out the form below.

Day Phone:
Evening Phone:

The best way to contact you: phone during the day

phone in the evening


How would you like to help GRACE Art: be a docent

be an assistant docent

behind the scenes




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